Wishful thinking

You know, I have read several books over the last year that talk about how we can make our dreams come true. Examples that spring to mind:  The Secret by Rhonda Byme and a book I can’t recall the title of but was written by Noel Edmonds. Both detail how to  cosmically order what it is we want from the universe, by focusing  our attention on what it is we want and then to go ahead, imagine it and ask for it.  Staying positive is key and a degree of detachment is required to ensure it can be  delivered.  Sounds too easy doesn’t it… and surely if it was this simple wouldn’t everyone be going around ordering what they fancy?  A world of  happy  people, getting what they want.  I just can’t imagine it and for those who have to  struggle to make ends meet it must smack them painfully in the face  when their basic wants just aren’t being met however hard they turn their attention to the skies.  So on that basis I don’t believe I ought to rely on the ‘infinite I’ for the deliverance  of a publisher for my book.  And without any other convenient  magical intervention  known,  I suppose being systematic and proactive is as good as any approach to take.

So on this note I have taken  action.  I’ve taken on board Susan Jeffers advice: ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ and managed to create this blog. This was a big anxiety test. Computers, techno speak and me don’t tend to spend much time together, but as Susan implied I embraced the idea, faced myself and got stuck in;  and  ‘hey presto’… I have succeeded. This Blog is now live and although not very sophisticated or the most glamorous of examples it is all my own work. I like to think that some will  appreciate the simple look and raw execution; a notion that stops me from cringing too much when I compare it with others.  The next task now,  perceived as being  less painful, is to digest the advice in the ‘Writers and Artists Year Book Guide to Getting Published’. It’s a fairly weighty novel, so it will take some time before I finish.  But before I go from here and open the cover,  just as a precaution  so I don’t leave anything to chance, I think I will  let the universe know my wishes and place my own cosmic order.  You never know it might work help. Can it do any harm? A romantic at heart you might describe me as being, but desperate is probably more accurate.

If you have any other tips or are able to  suggest titles of any books that can help me avoid the usual pitfalls of finding a publisher please let me know.  Cheers.

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