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“I may never wash my cheek again………….” – Memorable moments

“I may never wash my cheek again………….” Isn’t it lovely receiving compliments in whatever form they take?  This one was sent by text. The words, as I read them, were as loud inside my head as any other thoughts I … Continue reading

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Since Friday I have been prone to getting lost in thought. My attention has been elsewhere, mulling over fears such as: “Have I made a mistake?”, “Am I making a fool of myself?” and a list of various ‘what ifs’ that seem to grow … Continue reading


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2012 phenomenon – The 12th of December 2012

Working with the concept that I should be trying to be a little more positive, you might be somewhat taken aback that this post talks about the prediction of the coming end of the world.  The date suggested is 21/12/12 … … Continue reading

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The Pessimist or the Optimist

Todays post is about trying to change the energy of my blog so that I come across a bit more positive. I’ve been told that my last few posts have been hovering on the gloomy  side of life. So today  I thought  I will attempt … Continue reading

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Continuing on my quest to get recognised as a writer and  increase my chances by going about it in the ‘right way’,  I have persevered and now finished reading… allowing for a few skips… the Writers and Artists Year Book Getting Published by … Continue reading

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Being different does have some benefits

Today is one of those dreary grey old days that we tend to get in the UK at this time of year.  The light is really flat, in fact so bad that although it was only just passed lunchtime when I sat down to … Continue reading

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“Have a look at the smaller Book Festival sites and take a lead from there” was the suggestion made to me today when I mentioned that I was trying to increase my presence on the web.  It sounded like a … Continue reading

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“It’s Your Time – Make the Most of It”

This morning I was trying to imagine how I might react and how it would feel to receive my first actual rejection letter. I know this is not sound cosmic ordering but my thoughts were a shallow attempt to divert my attention. I was trying to compare and equate it … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about my last post and the comment I made that Harry Bingham, author of the Writers and Artists YearBook, pointed out that for any manuscript to be in with a chance of getting an agent or publisher it would, in … Continue reading

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First Impressions

It’s typical winter weather here in the UK… discouragingly cold and wet… so making the excuse to sit down to  read the Writers and Artists book was not  difficult. I haven’t finished reading, it will be a while yet, but … Continue reading

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