“I may never wash my cheek again………….” – Memorable moments

Peck on the cheek“I may never wash my cheek again………….”

Isn’t it lovely receiving compliments in whatever form they take?  This one was sent by text. The words, as I read them, were as loud inside my head as any other thoughts I might entertain, but these had the power to make me feel good. They were like magic; the resulting pleasurable feeling lasted for as long as I kept myself detached from my thinking.

I guess the opposite happens too when we read words that encompass doom and gloom, like last weeks prediction of the end of the world for instance. All those words we used and read to describe, predict, evaluate and judge the significance of the date have all drifted through our minds and will have summoned up a variety of feelings; negative as well as positive ones. But it didn’t even happen after all did it? ………..the end of humanity as we know it? ……… it didn’t manifest itself?

Maybe the date was never intended to be interpreted by our ancestors as an indication of catastrophic events in humanity. But the fact is, one significant outcome did occur. Of all of us who read a little around the subject and listened to the various arguments and viewpoints, just like my text, we permitted the words to have an effect and to cause a reaction. This will have made the date memorable. Ten years from now I suspect most of us will be able to recount what we were doing, or what was going on around us, last Friday and how we felt about it.  Maybe ten years from now, with the benefit of hindsight, we may even come to regard it as a date that signified the beginning or the end of something in our shared and personal lives.

I am no exception.  For me I have already assigned it to be the date that marks the beginning of my career as a published author. It is the day that I will recall how thirty very kind people offered to help me out by downloading a copy of my book and agreed to pass comment. It is the day that I will remember feeling elated; believing that I have delivered something creative and special and that has value for others. It is the day that left me feeling, as if in suspended animation, positively charged with hope and fun for life as I indulged in dreaming of a different future. In the moment, it was a lovely space in which to find myself.

Our ancestors may not have anticipated that we would see their efforts as a prediction of our demise, but they did by default make the day one to remember. What will you remember yours for?

photo by Rene

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2 Responses to “I may never wash my cheek again………….” – Memorable moments

  1. Colin says:

    Why is it that we remember, what even in retrospect are apparent trivial moments in our lives are clear as day but others, which we believe we should remember are fuzzy, prone to inaccurate memories and totally forgotten. I hope thats not an age thing otherwise I was old at 20

    • jaynefranks says:

      Growing old is bothersome but not, I am sure, the reason for a loss of recall in this case. Maybe we can remember trival moments with more clarity than the details of those events which we believe, in comparison, are supposedly more significant because in these situations we are more likely to be relaxed and less precocupied with who we think we are. As a result, we become receptive to seeing more of what there is to see ‘out there’.

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