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Sex Sells; being different makes life harder

What is 75 x 365 ? You might be quicker than me, but I had to use the calculator function on my mobile to give the answer: 27,375. But 27,375 what somethings? 27,375 is the number of enquiries that one … Continue reading

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A proposition – How to mutually reduce Job strain

I was flicking through a magazine today called the’ Safety & Health Practitioner’. Not the most exciting of reads for most, but alas Health and Safety is something I do for a day job and keeping up to date is important. … Continue reading

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Nothing Personal

It’s dark and foggy out this morning. Rolling out of bed and peeping through the curtains to see what the day was promising, I discovered it shrouded in a dense blanket of fog; the light from the street lamps reduced to more like airport … Continue reading

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Progress Report

Christmas, like any holiday, is great at providing a distraction and good at breaking up the usual routine. But now, with the return of the children back to school well within sight, I feel motivated to get back on track … Continue reading

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