A proposition – How to mutually reduce Job strain

Re: Re: BMW Hell! - HEALTH AND SAFETYI was flicking through a magazine today called the’ Safety & Health Practitioner’. Not the most exciting of reads for most, but alas Health and Safety is something I do for a day job and keeping up to date is important. It was while I was reading this rather dry magazine that I came across one article in particular that caught my attention. It was titled Stressful jobs raise heart risk in older men. (http://www.shponline.co.uk/commentcommunity-content/full/stressful-jobs-raise-heart-disease-risk-for-older-men) Reading on and I quote: “According to the Society of Occupational Medicine, a third of all workers will be over the age of fifty by 2020”. At this point I recognised that any one of us who might have read this statement would have reacted differently to the news. My reaction went something like this…

First I became aware that my head was thinking:  ‘Gosh, a third, that’s’….. as I fumbled with the maths………  ‘1 in 3’  , ‘wow, that really is a high proportion’ ………’2020 ?’…….. ‘that’s also not that far away now, let me see…., seven years in fact…..’ Seven years, the number repeatedly sounding inside my head, was then less than sympathetically added to the number of my current age. ‘Oh no …. that would make me…..’ the  precise number was whispered in my ear but the assumption it drew for an answer was far more loudly announced and reacted to.  ‘That would make YOU …….. one of THEM…… OLD.  Ouch……..  When did that happen…. me getting old?’

The article went on to express an opinion as to how we might reduce this risk of job strain and  ill health. It mentioned sensible eating and drinking and taking regular exercise as being wise habits to adopt, as well as two  less obvious considerations. The first  is to find an employer who offers a greater degree of flexibility in working practice. The second is to be given a greater degree of choice in how we may complete the work asked of us.

So what have I learnt from today?  It has reminded me that ageing is inevitable and my sense of well-being  may be safeguarded if I get the balance right. Apart from adopting and leading a healthly lifestyle, another way of supporting this goal, and one that is relevant to having just written a book that I am looking to get published, is to identify a sympathetic employer, in my case a publisher/agent, who is flexible and maybe more open minded than some; one who likes and is prepared to work with me to make the most of my unique style of writing.  I could reduce my risk factors if I found myself a publisher who shares the same goal as me; one who is willing to take a punt at trying something a bit unique in the genre of women’s fiction

So if there are any agents or publishers out there as descibed, with tongue in cheek can I suggest we swap addresses. You never know, we might well be able to mutually help each other out, so as to reduce both our chances of future job strain. Now that’s not such a bad proposition is it?

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