‘Its not for me to reason why, it is for me to dare and die’ (Part 3 of 3)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo perhaps you are right and writing won’t prove to be my vocation in life; my life’s true purpose. But maybe this was never the intention. Certainly what I have gained are new insights, illustrated in ‘Alice Wakes Up’, that have helped me move along. Recognising the quality of existence is as important as the attaining of any goal. Are you like I was; fed up with being you? Lethargic, discouraged, wasted, angry, resentful… and there hovering close to the surface a strong sense of going nowhere? Any of those sound familiar? And would you like to feel changed; experiencing something different to how you appear to be now?  Many people do. ‘Alice Wakes Up’ is a novel approach to recognising the benefits of seeing how to consciously shift the focus of our attention so as to be kinder on the self. And when I suggest being kinder on yourself I don’t mean making excuses and rewarding ourselves with more cake… or the opposite; starving ourselves by drinking cabbage soup all week!  I’m not advocating being cruel or selfish or demanding more of the things that you think you need; exploiting others to meet that need. Rather showing respect to ourselves, as well as our neighbours, by learning to be as gentle and as kind on ourselves as we would be with our best friend. Sounds sensible and simple doesn’t it? But we often don’t do these things. Old habits are hard to break. It’s all there in ‘Alice Wakes Up’.

So do I speak in a language that resonates with something in you? Am I using words that hit home, make you sit up and want to investigate a bit further? Have I described a future that you would like to experience? Have I captured your imagination with the suggestion that there is a chance, a real chance, of you being able to feel differently from how you do now… without having to change anything other than how you use the focus of your attention?  If so ‘Alice Wakes Up’ could be just the book that gets you thinking on a different wavelength and helps you move yourself  into a more productive and supportive direction. Intriguing is it not?  And since you are still here with me now, are you wondering if there isn’t something in  ‘Alice Wakes Up’  for you?

Your response, your decision to buy or not is not for me to reason why

 For I have done my best, and now it’s time to say ‘good bye’.

 OK I promise I won’t take up poetry. All goals have to be realistic as well as attainable right? Thanks you for stopping by. 🙂

(Only a couple of quid and it’s yours – E version – HERE)

Image: Blue Moon 2012 by Jayne Franks

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4 Responses to ‘Its not for me to reason why, it is for me to dare and die’ (Part 3 of 3)

  1. I really like the way you describe your book. I’m sure that you have a great future as a writer. In my experience, many dyslexic people have very special and unique creative abilities. Perhaps you would like to check out some of the writings on my blog? Best wishes

  2. Cj says:

    We are soul mates…except for a few details like fiction writing and dyslexia. 🙂 I relate…I want to buy the book…and will:) Asking for the sale…good job!

    • jaynefranks says:

      And thank you, so much. This is so exciting… such a whizz. I love the idea we can share this empowering feeling that accompanies the finding of a new sense of spirit. 😀

  3. Thanks for liking my Father’s Day tribute, and best of everything in reaching your goals. And…what the heck…take up poetry, too!

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