Angels – beautiful and radient beings or not?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing dyslexia has it’s challenges. Which is why I’m asking myself which is the right spelling – Angle or Angel?  It’s so frustrating not being able to tap into, like those I’d like to be more like can, an unconscious mental reflex and chose and instinctively spell the right one.  But since you may not know what I’m thinking about here you wont know which word is the right one either. I’m looking for the corrrect spelling for the word that names a celestial (thank goodness for spell check) winged immortal figure. 

Angle or Angel – Even when I look and compare the two words sitting side by side I ‘m not sure. There is no unconscious knowing guiding me here.  

It’s all a bit obtuse, however,  I’m confident I have the right spelling now (mother would be so pleased with me) – I’ve used the dictionary.

Angel it is – Angel as you know is the name that would describe a presence, an intermediary between heaven and earth.

If I asked you to see and form a picture of an Angel in your head  I bet you could make one materialise out of nothing…An angel, all angelic like ….perhaps the image has a  glow about it…   wings?…  a name?… a halo? – But don’t fret if you can’t see a halo –  ‘cause I can’t –  My angel apparently lost his halo years ago.  Again if you were inside my head right now you would be able to see that the image I had held in my minds eye was anything but angelic. it’s not a ‘she’ either – most certainly a ‘he’.  Not ideal but he wears a sweaty tee-shirt  and has short hairy legs.   My angel goes by the name of ‘The angel with the bent legs’.  That made you smile I bet, and I didn’t make it up either. And finally my angel does have some wings  but only by association ‘cause my angel’s’ other pet name is Garrincha which just happens to mean ‘little bird’.

Garrincha – Does that name sound familiar?  It might to you but I confess  it didn’t to me. A friend of mine mentioned it in passing recently.  The name  I wrote down, and call it divine intervention or just curiosity I followed through and checked him out today.

Garrincha, I learnt was a talented footballer who helped Brazil win two world cups. His value would not have been predicted if you had based it solely on his appearance since he had been born with a warped spine and two twisted legs.  Furthermore one of his legs was several inches shorter than the other. Yet despite all these limitations, once taken of the bench, he displayed an unequaled skill to effectively dribble the ball down the pitch weaving in and out the defense. His style is described as both unorthodox and unpredictable, which I guess, made ‘reading’ him more difficult giving him the advantage. Similarly whereas typically footballers play by thinking and creating a  game plan he was considered to play by ‘inspiration… and unplanned’. His motivation to play football in his early days was apparently more about wanting to entertain the crowd than winning the game.

May be you do, but I don’t profess to know anything about football, but not knowing, doesn’t stop me being able to admire any player who is able to overcome limitation and adversity.  I would, at the end of the day, love to be that person myself – to do well despite being labelled dyslexic.  For Garrincha had his life followed the predicted patterns for a lad like him born in his village he would have spent his life working in the local factory. But getting his lucky break meant he was able to,  by some standards, ‘live the dream’. Yet despite his good fortune he was not content,  quoted to have been ‘unable to conquer his demons’.  Dubbed as the ‘original bad boy’ he died at 49 years in 1983; a penniless alcoholic; father of 14 children.

So to finish with a light bulb moment my angel delivered a couple of new angles of hope. These are:

  • Success can arise from the most unlikely of origins.
  • To whom success will attach itself is hard to predict.
  • Being accepted for who we are can take time. Sometimes we just have to be content to sit it out until the time is right.
  • Finding a way that works to best effect using what we are naturally blessed with can bring both personal reward and much joy to others.
  • A gentle reminder that success does not equate to happiness.

And from the ‘Angel with the bent legs’  maybe his final message would be

  • To learn to keep in-check that part of us that keeps us searching for that which we think we are missing and practice more in accepting and enjoying what we do have.
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