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“THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU !! …but getting what you want most certainly is.

Wanting to be successful… being good at what you do… is that something you want? Of course it is. And ‘Hand it to me on a plate” would be the perfect solution wouldn’t it just? Sorry: ‘no can do’. Worse … Continue reading

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“It’s been a long long time?”

They say ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’. But does it really? I’ve been away… floated… drifted…  I’m aware that for those 100 followers who have hung in there… waiting patiently… there has been nothing new to read for quite … Continue reading


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2012 phenomenon – The 12th of December 2012

Working with the concept that I should be trying to be a little more positive, you might be somewhat taken aback that this post talks about the prediction of the coming end of the world.  The date suggested is 21/12/12 … … Continue reading

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