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“Where there’s a will there’s a way”

http://www.flickr.com/photos/50964738@N07/6035067207/in/photolist-aciidT-gv9Ryz-8pRzfT-4DQJXs-gv9b7s-8pWjW1-7mVpaw-bBuVQF-6NKuZY-6NKv1b-jYQ7Y-eVW1Z6-3RwhHv-9cUiRD-6PPetF-9ZeoJG-8h5yo7-59BkFc-6QvYJd-2SrFS-eHnc3W-8GrCj3-6veHeM-72Khbo-9JBSRd-9Jz5GX-9Jz5JV-8pTRer-63diUH-fYt2ai-87wTV5-DbKZw-fYt8h8-fYt2as-fYt1dN-fYsMed-4VoZK1-de5FdD-7RKpMK-5JRViV-6NKAFm-cp8MZA-cvi6Tu-gtX9HW-8Msbh-6PTMby-aegQUr-HSC1r-b1fJKP-7SLWB8-6PTuz9# It’s that time of year.. . it’s New Years Eve and here I am sitting in the still blurr that has crept in after the Christmas activity; just thinking, reflecting and contemplating. Thoughts are arising. Maybe you are feeling … Continue reading


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“It’s been a long long time?”

They say ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’. But does it really? I’ve been away… floated… drifted…  I’m aware that for those 100 followers who have hung in there… waiting patiently… there has been nothing new to read for quite … Continue reading

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