“It’s Your Time – Make the Most of It”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis morning I was trying to imagine how I might react and how it would feel to receive my first actual rejection letter. I know this is not sound cosmic ordering but my thoughts were a shallow attempt to divert my attention. I was trying to compare and equate it with the actual pain I felt as I pushed myself through the exercise regime of Jillian Michael’s, 30 day shred DVD.    Jillian Michael’s, if you are not familiar with the name,  is one of the personal trainers who works with the contestants on the TV show The Biggest Loser.   The latter, a ranking I hope to avoid, but I digress. Her fitness work out is relatively short, only twenty minutes in length, but if you were thinking of buying it on that basis,  trust me it feels like longer. It certainly gets the heart rate up and will make the  muscles work hard and ache, but it ‘gets results’.   She states in her introductory blurb that she wants you, the victim, ( she doesn’t actually call you victim but be  assured if you make it to the end of Work Out One, you may well feel like one) to regard her as  your own personal coach  and as is typical with this role, throughout the programme she gives plenty of  words of encouragement.  I’ve done the work out quite a few times now, so much, that these motivators can wash over me but I do like chorusing along with her   “This is your time…..”  as we alternate arms  punching the air in front of us  “Make”  punch  “the”  punch “most of it”. We chant  the phrase together which is the only thing we have in common at this point as she looks composed and holds a perfect 9o degree squat while I, in contrast, grimace straining trying to hold the same, but not really, low position.  But give her due it was Jillian who not only got me through twenty minutes of exercise this morning, she also manged to inspire me too.

‘This is my time’,  I reminded myself as  I showered off afterwards.  I will indeed  “make the most of it” I promised myself.  My idea of what this entailed  was to learn a bit more about how Blogging works.   I’m not very computer savvy, as already mentioned in a previous post, but having obtained a copy of   ‘Creating your own Blog’ a book by Tris Hussey  from the local library to help me set up this blog in the first place, I  am a little wiser –  not much, (my fault not his) but one thing I have learnt from Hussey is that there are great advantages in be made if I embrace blogging more actively. “Create a community around your blog” is his advice.  So I made the most of my  time today and got active. I decided I would start small, this taking the form of making a comment on another’s  persons blog.   My recipient http://kellywiggains.wordpress.com/about/  was chosen among many because I liked the comment she had made on another’s writers blog.  So it was decided I would write to her. My comment was short. I introduced myself  and said ‘Hi’.  OK not overly  inspiring or very riveting but it has at least set me on my way.

Evidently I see that rejection is not my only fear, missing out on an opportunity is another. But thinking about it, if I do develop a strategy that makes me more proactive in finding a community  which comes with the potential of being able to opens more doors do I not also increase my chances of feeling and attracting even more rejection?  May be then if I am to keep a positive frame of mind through out my trials of getting myself recognised I should fear rejection less and embrace it more, for at least then it pushes me one step further in the right direction, rather than leaving me behind drowning in my own tears.

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2 Responses to “It’s Your Time – Make the Most of It”

  1. dyslexicdan45 says:

    Hi jaynefranks. Can I say that I find reading your blog visually uplifting, whilst at the same time reading a familiar sense of low appreciation of your own writing abilities! What I mean by this, is that I read your blog and can visualise very clearly what you are saying or describing in a very vivid way. That said, I would appear that you may be underestimating the value of your written word to the reader.

    Being dyslexic myself I feel that you are sensing or should I say imagining that your literary skills will fall short of the ‘non-dyslexic’ reader’s standard or expectations…the feeling of rejection is one thing as a dyslexic that I can relate very strongly too, so I can empathise with you.

    The fact that some people may show you some rejection means people are reading your work and that in-itself is something to feel positive about. You might seek some value out of the fact that myself find your blog very interesting and visually descriptive – enough in fact to keep me reading, which by the way is something that I will in general avoid at all costs!

    The feeling of rejection is something we dyslexics have learned to accept at the expense of stifling ones ambition and in some circumstances aspiration, due to the automatic and in-built feeling of low self worth in comparison to non-dyslexic peers. That was me, many years ago! Now I find myself visualising success in a positive way and the old fear or rejection is just part of the journey to reach success…because to have the feeling of rejection, means that you must be producing something in the first place that merits someones professional or informed opinion.

    Keep strong and envisage the success that will come your way!

  2. Well said “dyslexic dan” !! That ability you mention, the ability to visualise complex mind pictures clearly and communicate that visualisation to others, is one of a number of special abilities possessed by people with the “dyslexic label”. The general public tend to see dyslexia as a “disability” while neglecting to see the amazing qualities that dyslexic people such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Richard Branson among many many others have. In fact,as you so correctly state, the sense of rejection or low self-worth can be infinitely more disabling than any piddling difficulty with spelling wrong or mixing up ‘piece’ and ‘peace’ !! I’m sure there must be many people out there who would greatly benefit from your clear understanding of the issues involved and what you have learned from your own experience.

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