2012 phenomenon – The 12th of December 2012

bookWorking with the concept that I should be trying to be a little more positive, you might be somewhat taken aback that this post talks about the prediction of the coming end of the world.  The date suggested is 21/12/12 … yes…  not so far away. Wikipedia has a whole page set aside looking into the validity, or otherwise, of this claim.  It makes reference to civilisations that have long since gone and to subjects outside my typical interests and experience.  Examples include the Maya, the Long Count Calendar, interactions with  black holes and collisions with a planet called Nibiru. It would all sound rather exciting, like a film script of some kind… if the prediction, in real terms, was not so grim. A true pessimist might conclude that things couldn’t get much worse this year: ‘The end is nigh’.  If this is proven to be the case, one thing I can be sure off  is that, unfortunately, you wont get that chance to read my book.  However, as advised, trying to be a little more optimistic and looking for a positive spin, I’m taking the lead from Wiki that possibly the date is not, as some might believe, the end of humanity itself. It could also be a mark of a new beginning; one with a different kind of future. That sounds far more upbeat and hopeful, don’t you agree? So if you are in limbo on the 21/12/12, not knowing whether to be pleased or not to be still around, you might like to try something different and take the opportunity to download a FREE PDF copy of my book. It will only be available at this attractive price between NOW and midnight on 21/12/12.

Why free? Because I am inviting those who download a copy… and go on to read it… to give me something back: feedback. I want to hear what you think of it. The 2012 phenomenon, if believed, predicts  that you, me and all our possessions… most importantly in terms of this post, my book… could be sucked into a black hole and lost for ever. All that suffering  for nothing!  This is one outcome that I find hard to contemplate. Having been encouraged to develop a more optimist outlook, I have actively visualised the book… following your feedback… being launched into the skies into a new era of consciousness.

This is a unique  book. If you resonate with it, it can make you believe that you can feel better; happier within yourself. It is not a medical book or a self-help book. It is a piece of pure fiction, written with a difference. It uses and places words in an order that makes the story look and feel real. It speaks a certain truth of its own. Better still, the type of ‘happy ever after’ it offers by the end of the story not only feels believable, it is. You don’t have to be lucky in life, rich or regarded as being someone of note to access this knowledge. In fact, the more ‘ordinary’ you are the better you might get on with it and the more special you might feel.

So why choose between now and the 21/12/12 as a mini launch date?  Because I have nothing to lose.  The decision on whether to take a PDF copy is your choice; a risk you have to take.  The date will either mark the end… or a new beginning for both of us. Only time will tell.

Get it HERE

Alice picture http://karlafrazetty.deviantart.

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4 Responses to 2012 phenomenon – The 12th of December 2012

  1. Presence says:

    Hi Jayne
    I have downloaded Alice and intend to read it and pass on feedback, just haven’t got round to it yet, and probably won’t now until next year!
    Happy Christmas!

    • jaynefranks says:


      Thank you ever so much. Your time and any feed back will be much appreciated. You’ve made my day that really is wonderful news. I hope you enjoy it – but it’s alright if you don’t. You too have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I have downloaded it and plan to start reading it today. I’ve been pretty busy but will finish it asap and send some feedback your way! I’m all about helping out the underdogs.

    • jaynefranks says:

      Kimberly, that’s great news, thank you so much. Hope you enjoy it but don’t worry if that is not your experience as I am keen to hear your views. But my fingers are crossed.

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