Progress Report

hopeChristmas, like any holiday, is great at providing a distraction and good at breaking up the usual routine. But now, with the return of the children back to school well within sight, I feel motivated to get back on track and get my book out there in the public domain big style.

The suggestion that I might try to self-promote by going down the route of self-publishing has been seriously considered over the break, but it has been decided that I will focus all my efforts on finding an agent and through them look to obtain a publishing deal.

Having decided on this option I realise the need for some hard copies to give away. Having looked at the cost of ordinary printing, after some internet searching I have decided to use Create Space, a self publishing website, to run off a few samples.  The effort of pulling this together is not to be downplayed, but I am pleased to say it has not been impossible and the draft, the cover image in particular, looks great on the computer screen. Now submitted, it’s currently being given a once over by the crew at Create Space. It will be something like forty-eight hours before I will know whether it’s a runner or not in the format given.

While I wait for the thumbs up, the intention is to spend my time identifying the names of the most suitable agents to approach. For the names a heavy reliance will be placed on the Artists and Writers Year Book. It has hundreds of agents listed with their particular interests detailed. This will help to narrow down the search. Once a shortlist of say ten agents has been identified it will be all efforts placed on pulling together an eye-catching but relevant covering letter  to accompany each submission. I am hoping that I might be able to incorporate the feedback I get from anyone who took and read the free PDF version available before Christmas as supporting evidence, to reinforce the book’s worth and credibility here.

On this note, interestingly, the Artists and Writers Year Book also recommends trying to find a local celebrity who could give the book some sort of positive endorsement. Identifying and finding one is an additional task I have set myself this week. I will keep you posted as to how well this goes. But in the meantime, if there is anyone out there who knows someone famous who they think would like to be the first to add their name to the cover, you will let me know wont you? …….. Just a thought……………. Now I know you are probably thinking: ‘cheeky – that would be too easy’.  And it would be, but it must happen occasionally by chance, so why not now? And to be honest what have I got to lose?

And so to conclude on a positive note, as per previous posts’ intentions, I do want to add here that so far for this year it feels like things are really coming  together with a steady forward momentum towards achieving the goal. But I also understand that you could argue that nothing has actually happened or come back to support this assumption. It’s just a feeling. But never-the-less it’s one that feels great, for it fills my whole being with excitement, hope and optimism.   It’s so good! It would be lovely if you could feel it too.

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5 Responses to Progress Report

  1. Danny says:

    Hi jaynefranks, Happy New Year to you ! I’ve had a very busy Christmas and New Year, so apologies for not providing any feedback as yet with regard to your free e-book copy…I will hopeful have some time to read and comment and feedback very soon.

    In respect of your comment above regarding the ‘Artists and Writers Year Book’ recommending that you (as an author) should try finding a local celebrity who could give the book some sort of positive endorsement… On that note the first real celebrity that came to mind was the fabulous ‘Kara Tointon’ ! Kara did a documentary regarding Dyslexia and how it had impacted on her life etc., and was shown on BBC3 sometime last year. It was titled “Kara Tointon: Don’t Call Me Stupid”. A fantastic and inspiring look at how it affected her education and acting career and family support; and how dyslexia impacted on other dyslexics as shown in the TV programme.

    Like I say, the documentary and Kara as a person coping with the affects of dyslexia was inspirational to me personally and has reinforced my desire to peruse and help others with dyslexia…and on that note, I would suggest that Kara would be an excellent person to ask for your support and possible endorsement of your book !! It won’t do you any harm to ask and nothing to loose anyway !

    • jaynefranks says:

      HI Danny. Good to hear from you. I too wish you an exciting and Happy New Year. I actually saw this documentary when it came out. It was very interesting. What astounded me was how Kara kept pursuing her dream of being an actor, despite really struggling to read. Her choice was made more difficult since she had to resort to some really laborous and painstaking methods in order to learn and recall her lines. You would have expected any lesser mortal to opt for a career that avoided both these skill sets… or to have given up long ago. Just goes to show that where there’s a will there’s a way. Nothing should stop any of us, dyslexic or ‘normal’, to go for something we might in our darkest moments think is beyond us. What was lovely was how in the end, when she was given some coloured lenses, she found that she could relax and enjoy reading rather than having to fight with the words on a page. There is hope for us all. We just need to find the right key that works for us as individuals.

      Your suggestion of finding Tara is a good tip. Thanks. If I have any success I will let you know. And thanks also for still wanting to read the book. Even if you just dip into one of the chapters and let me know what you feel about it that would be great. Every little bit helps.
      Best of luck this year.

  2. Danny says:

    I meant to say that Kara’s documentary (“Kara Tointon: Don’t Call Me Stupid”) can be found on youtube on the following link: It is split up into 4 parts, although it may be available to download/purchase elsewhere as a full copy?

  3. Mo Minahan says:

    Dear Jayne. I’m halfway through your book and hope to finish it sooner than later! It’s an incredible piece of work. Just know it’s being read and keep writing 🙂

    • jaynefranks says:

      Feedback…..marvelous. oh thank you so much. Just to hear back that you still reading it is such a buzz, but to read you are enjoying it is the bestest news I could ask for. Cant wait to see what you might think when you get to the end. You have broken the silence. ‘Thank you ever so much….’..she says dancing round the kitchen table laughing with joy.

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