How I Found Inspiration to Strive and Thrive

Have you wondered where inspiration comes from?

Is inspiration just a name for thoughts that we chose to listen to above the rest?

Do we like to be inspired ‘cause it makes us feel more rather than less?

Are these thoughts so called inspiring because they support, create and motivate?

An inspiring thought for me is one that enables make me to think in a way that make me feel better with myself. To have inspiration keeps me progressing  to achieve a goal.

For example, today I found myself having self- sabotaging thoughts – concerns about the effects of my dyslexic on my employ-ability. Yet in the moment I became aware I was entertaining these unhelpful thoughts, I asked myself for help and in that moment inspiration struck.  An inspired thought in the form of a name  popped into my head, one which had been mentioned in passing earlier in the week. The name was Django Reinhardt.   

Unfamiliar to me on hearing the name the other day I remember trying to attempted to say it and repeat it back.  It’s supposed to help memory recall…Ha ha ha.

“Yang Lion heart WHO?”  I’m smiling.

Which was completely wrong and is the precise reason why it has just taken me a while to look him up now on Wiki ? That’s my style you see – always slightly off center.

“No….Django Reinhardt”

May be you are thinking “Cripes…Doesn’t she know who Django Reinhardt  is!” Try not to judge but call it fact or an excuse I do have a notoriously poor general knowledge base. I attribute it to my dyslexia orientation. This is my style.

From my research I’ve learnt that Django Reinhardt was a gypsy, born in Belgium in 1910.  He played guitar exceptionally well – “super human” is one description. He perfected his potential with intense practice, direct imitation of others and with the help of a well atoned ear.  With no schooling, he only knew rudimentary literacy yet by 13 years he was earning his living from playing. Disaster struck however when aged 18  he sustained first- and second-degree burns over half of his body when his caravan caught fire.

The story continues.

The fire left his right leg paralysed, and notably the fourth and fifth fingers of his left hand badly burned. Doctors assessed his leg to be serious enough to warrant amputation and the injuries to his hand predicted to end his music career. He chose to ignore their pessimistic outlook, discharged himself and over the next 18 months worked tirelessly on himself. In the end he was not only able to walk (with a cane) he was playing his guitar to. But he wasn’t JUST playing he was playing with a unique style – his style. Inspiration had helped him to master a new way of playing based on his limitation.  It was his unique style that launched a whole new genre of guitar playing now referred to as Hot Jazz Guitar.

Django Reinhardt is the source of my wellbeing inspiration thoughts for today.

But it is not his musical talents that inspire me for I can’t profess to be a Jazz fan or guitarist.  However he does inspire me in a different way. It is these  inspiring and motivational thoughts that arise apparently through  me now –

  • There is nothing wrong with us the way we are.
  • Finding and developing a unique style that is true to ourselves that accommodates and works with any limitations is good and can be sustainable.
  • What may be perceived as misfortune at first, such as Dyslexia may be the making of us.
  • To follow the advice that others give us is not always going to be in our best interests for it might leave us severely limited.
  • Potential is present yet to realise it will require deliberate and sustained action.

Django died at 43, which might be just the timely reminder we need that we don’t have forever to go on ignoring our most inspiring thoughts.

So what has inspired you today?

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